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     In the town centre is built museum complex which reveals the history of the city of the most profound antiquity to the present day. The complex includes historical, ethnographic museum and historic Church St. Sunday the last stronghold of Batak inhabitant during the April uprising.

    CHURCH "ST. SUNDAY" is built in 1813 on by masters of Bracigovo Marko Ziso and Peter Chompal. When hereby establishes the authority of the Ottoman Empire, mountain villages Batak attract as many rebellious Bulgarians who settle here to keep their Christian faith. This gives impetus to the material and spiritual development of the village. Develop all domestic crafts, mostly the lumbering, wood processing and trade. In 1871 on registered 283 saw-mills (wood-processing workshops). Quality of local wood to build ships of the empire traders of Batak around all market-places. These links with the world of Batak rise the freedom and spirit of its inhabitants. During the Renaissance grow prominent religious figures -the abbot archimandrite Joseph, recovered Rila Monastery in its current form, abbots Cyril and Nikephoros, author of the remarkable "Bulgarian Primer " (1844) is George Busilin, the publisher Dragan Manchov. During the April uprising against Ottoman domination in 1876 on after two-weekly unequal battle with the thousand-strong Turkish army five thousand people die from six-thousand population of Batak and the city is incinerated to the ground. Two thousand people gathered in the Church "St. Sunday" for three days during defend their honour and faith and all die after burning down its. By the great self-sacrifice of Batak to the altar to defend world learn for Bulgaria and its desire for liberation.
In the first half of the XIX century in the Ottoman Empire was prohibited to build new churches bulgarian, the Mayor of Batak- Balin Peter succeed to obtain permission from Plovdiv pasha. Inhabitants of Batak are built Church "St. Sunday" for 75 days. Dionysius bishop from the town of Pazardzhik is sanctifed.
Church is cruciform domed building, built of stone, diged meter and half into the ground.The two meters its fence is called Kaleto. The floor and the roof are covered with stone slabs. Inside there are three divisions - male, female and altar, which enter through separate doors. Windows and doors complete with stone arcs. Paintings and wood-carving are very valuable. Well preserved today is the icon of the "St.Sunday".
Except to public worship, the church is used and as monastery school. During the April uprising, it is the last stronghold of inhabitant of Batak in their fight for National liberation. Immediately after liberation has turned into museum.
West of the historic church rises Christian temple "St. Virgin Mary", one of the largest in the Plovdiv region.

     HISTORICAL MUSEUM (pl. "Liberation" 3) was opened in 1976 and kept rich images, and substantial documentary material for the development of Batak over the centuries. The exposition is located at 450 sq. meters.

   "BALINOVA" HOUSE has historical and architectural monument of culture. Ethnographic collection reflects the lifestyle and livelihoods, ordinances and customs of inhabitant of Batak during the Renaissance and early twentieth century. It is located adjacent to the Church "St. Sunday".

   Batak is among hundred national tourist sites, Bulgarian Tourist Union. Historical Museum - Batak, 08.30-12.30 and 13.30-17.30 hours without the holiday, there is a stamp.

     The resort "Batak reservoir" and the site - resort "Tsigov Chark" are located in West Rhodopi, 21 km from Velingrad. The ideal point of the rest of each time of the year. The resort features good lodging base from whatever type of categories, with numerous bars and restaurants. The waters of the reservoir give delightful opportunities for water sport and fishing. The "Shiroka poliana" side was located in the northwest part of West Rhodopi. Most altitude is 1500-1700 m. The Rhodopi relief alternation of forest arrays with huge lawns makes excellent conditions about formation of good game reserves. In the territory of site are the reservoirs "Shiroka poliana" and "Toshkov Char" offering excellent conditions for sport fishing and complete rest. They nominate excellent conditions for piscatorial sport and fulfilled rest. The "Beglika" site lends so called "Beglishka zaravnenost" in the cardinal part of west Rhodopi by average altitude 1700 metres. The picturesque mountain landscape attracts many tourists,but reservoirs and crystal clear rivers offer excellent conditions for fishing. Game rich variety of deer, roe deer, . wood-grouse capercalzie, wild pig advantage the development of hunting tourism. Kara Tepe region, 28 km south of Velingrad, offers tourists a beautiful natural wonder. Only 8 km of it is the site "Selishte" - picturesque valley in which prevail throughout the year solar days and the tourists who love hunting, those areas and forest farms offer good conditions and varied by type of game. The reservoir "Dospat" and Sarnitsa village are 50 km from Velingrad. Connects them asphalt road that goes along the rivers Chepinska and Dospatska. In the village and around the lake have built holiday homes, cottages, motels and restaurants, providing all facilities for tourists. Are both attractive and reserves - "Goliam Beglik " area with 415 ha, obrasla with centuries-old conifers and "Dupkata" natural phenomenon with diverse flora and fauna under the auspices of UNESCO.


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